Week Two Camper Articles – 2011

Natalia, Age 16

Cabin: Shorewood

There are many things that I love about Camp Kohahna, but what I love the most is the atmosphere. I see here what I haven’t seen anywhere else. Every camper works incredibly hard to be the best person that they can be. Every camper expresses leadership, graciousness, initiative, joyfulness, orderliness, persistence and sportsmanship. At no point have I see campers lose sight of those qualities while trying to do well in an activity. The level of maturity I see in girls here of every age group in unmatched.

The quality/skill in which Kohahna does its best is inclusivity. This year was my first at Kohahna, and I am an older campers. I was a little worried that the relationships formed by other girls in previous summers would prevent them from forming a strong relationship with me. This fear was needles. All of the girls I met here have treated me like an old friend, and I have felt the support of all of their and my counselor’s love through all of the small problems I have faced. Kohahna lives its theme for the summer. It lives love.

Perrin, Age 9

Cabin: Evergreen

My morning activity this week was waterskiing. I had never been waterskiing before, and I was kind of freaked out. I thought it would be really hard. Tuesday was the first day I tried waterskiing. The skis were too big for me. I ended up not getting up, but I still had a lot of fun. Wednesday, we got there and then got to a less wavy area of Glen Lake. Soon it was my turn to go. I was singing Shepherd Show Me the whole time I was in the water.  The boat started and I got up! Only for like 5 second though. Thursday, I knew I could do this. I got in the water. At first I had a little trouble. Then the counselor got in the water and after a few tries I got up!!! Friday we didn’t get to go out, but I’m very happy that I got up.

Ella, Age 13

Cabin: Clifftop

Horseback riding at camp is a lot of fun. The riding counselors are great, and you learn so much from them. Every day is a new experience, often because you’re on a different horse. Last week, I got to work on cantering and a little bit of jumping.  When you know how to ride well, communicating with your horse becomes so much easier. I am very glad to have the opportunity to ride at camp. I am a much stronger rider than I was before, and I can take all of the skills I learned home with me.