Week 2 Campers Articles – 2012

Keaton, age 13

Cabin:  Clifftop

Kohahna Sisterhood

One of the many reasons I come back to camp every year is because of the loving sisterhood format between the girls at Camp Kohahna.  The bonds formed between everyone are built on love, Christian Science, and everyone’s love for Camp Kohahna.

Some of my best friends were made here at camp.  Everyone is so loving and caring toward each other that it’s impossible not to love every single person – whether camper or counselor – here.  Life long memories and friendships are formed, you find your true self as a Christian Scientist, and grow so much as a person.  Camp is my home – without it I would be a completely different person.

Camille, age 14

Cabin: Breezeway

Pictured Rocks

This past week I journeyed with most of my cabin and Mer-Bear to Pictured Rocks in theUpper Peninsula.  This trip was amazing – not only do I feel so accomplished for hiking 23 miles in 4 days, but I have grown so much as a person, and so much closer to my fellow P.R. trippers.  We had awesome times out on the trail: making pita pizzas, scrambled brownies, apple fritters and other tasty trail foods.

Another thing I loved about Pictured Rocks was that around every corner of our hike was some beautiful scenery.  The rock formations were impeccable and the water perfectly blue.  We had perfect hiking weather – not uncomfortably hot, not freezing cold (excluding some chillyLake Superiornights).  We made the best of every situation 9the buggier days) and kept occupied while hiking long distances by singing any songs or hymns that came to mind.

I’d have to say my favorite part of the 4-day trip was definitely exploring ‘the coves’ – I kept thinking to myself, “We’re in Michigan right now!”  Who knew all this was in my state.  We swam along in Lake Superior, which was warmer than you’d expect, and ventured into cool caves.  The limestone rock formations were breathtaking!  I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone at Camps Kohahna and Leelanau.

Olivia, age 8

Cabin: Gull’s Nest

One day my stomach started hurting.  I went up to Eagle’s Nest.  We read this book called “Filled up Full”.  The practitioner told me you could heal by gratitude and so we started talking about gratitude.  We talked for awhile about things we were grateful for.  After awhile it stopped hurting and I felt all better.  Gratitude had healed me. 


At camp I get tons of amazing opportunities.  This week, out of many activities, I chose waterskiing.  My class gets to go to one of the top ten most beautiful lakes in the world.  Every day I wake up and get to go ski on this beautiful lake.  Not only is it beautiful, but I have a ton of fun while I’m skiing on Glen Lake.

Grayson, age 12

Cabin: Ojibwa

The Olympics

Last Sunday, the 24th, we did an all camp co-ed summer Olympics.  It was so much fun.  It was very interesting seeing people’s takes on their countries.  I liked the water competitions the best.  Canoeing, water balloon toss and swimming on the beach were a lot of fun.  I did happen to get gold in canoeing.  My country was England.  Other countries were China, New Guinea, Italy, France and Jamaica.  The Olympics was a great time to have fun and make new friends.

Griffin, age 13

Cabin: Iroquois

This past Sunday at camp, the boys and girls got together into teams, or countries, and competed in an Olympic showdown.  Various challenges were presented to the countries where they had to pick one or two members for each activity.  It was a great idea and I had a lot of fun.  I am grateful camp has activities where we can grow and compete with brotherly (and sisterly) love.  I love camp!