What People are Saying about the 2010 Leelanau Reunion

It’s been a while since I’ve been here; some I knew some I didn’t, yet what has struck me is seeing those who were campers when I was here who are now running things.  Most important not just the physical growth and the fact that there are people of all eras, but the quality of the standard has stayed the same.  Leelanau is one important arm of the Christian Science movement and it churns out the cream of the crop in terms of metaphysics, with clear, principled healers who are committed to excellence. Leelanau is the cutting edge space for practicing metaphysics and making healers. It is so heartening to see the numerous guys who are now in the public practice of Christian Science. Finally, I’d like to give gratitude for two folks sitting here who have made such a difference in the lives of so many here today – Clark Shutt and Marcia Hufstader.  Bravo! –Blake Windal

Thanks for everyone; there are a couple of things that stood out to me as so special about this place.  Not all the people here knew each other before this weekend, but we all love Camp, and each other because of that shared love of Camp.  There is a wonderful combination of embracing the enduring traditions, but also seeing the continual development of new expressions of this love through new awards and traditions.  This love is what has brought us together and it continues to grow. – Tom Freund

“It’s amazing to be at a reunion with guys that were my campers, that are 10 years younger than me; and also guys that were at camp two generations before me and are 50 years older.  And it’s not just that they’re fun guys, it’s that they are all admirable men.  No matter what the age, I look up to everyone here.  This isn’t just a group of fun people, it’s a room full of great men, each of whom inspires me to go farther, reach higher, and always seek to raise the standard of my thought.  And that’s what binds us together: the standard of excellence that is the foundation of Leelanau, and has stayed with all of us for all of these years. – Jervis DiCicco