Winter Articles – December 2008

Sarah McNaughton, age 14
Cabin: Birchview
Counselor: Kelsie Brook

Sailing at Kohahna is a great experience. You get to take the lazers or sometimes the JY out on Lake Michigan, where there’s usually a nice wind.
The last two days were beautiful days to sail. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the wind was perfect. The next day was just as nice, though the wind was stronger which made it all the more fun to sail.
On Monday, I was working on solo capsizing on the lazer. After many practices I was able to capsize than bring the lazer back upright and get in the boat in 15 seconds.
On Tuesday I sailed with a friend. It took us a few tries to get the tacking down smoothly, though once we figured how to do it smoothly, we were good.
Your goal in sailing is to have fun, though you are striving to pass levels.  There’s beginner, intermediate, advanced, then expert. You try the best you can to pass the level you’re working on in the week that you sailing as your activity.
Sailing is amazing; it is so much fun. You have an amazing time. You’re right on Lake Michigan, with a nice breeze from the lake, usually nice weather – sunny, bright and beautiful. It’s just awesome.

Maya Mary-Joe, age 10
Cabin: Driftwood
Counselor: Ali Vice

I love riding horses because it’s fun to ride them. You can learn a lot from them. You teach them and they can teach you. You can also talk to them and play. Now I will tell you about all of them.
Mama: is good, she is nice and kind and eats good food.
Zoe: She is new but she is great.
Jeff: is good and nice.
Boss: is wonderful and he is a big horse.
Juliet: She is sweet
Princess: is good
And we love them.

Kristy Lewelling, age 15
Cabin: Clifftop

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” – Cinderella Story
I really like this quote! It really helped me this week at waterskiing. I have been trying to drop a ski all week and I just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I would drop it and just fall. As you might imagine, I began to get pretty frustrated. I started to think that I would never be able to do it. Instead of being excited for waterskiing, I started to dread it. I would just have to get in the water, drop it and fall, over and over again.  But my thought was changed when my friend Jessy showed me her quote book. My back had been hurting and as I started flipping through the quote book, I stumbled across the quote, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game,” and bam! it hit me. I was so inspired by this. How could I be scared of a silly thing like waterskiing? The next day I literally jumped in the water with a big smile on my face and I dropped that ski. I didn’t stay up for long enough to pass, but I stayed up for a little bit.

Austin Beck, age 13
Cabin: Ojibwa
Counselor: Tom Bisbee

Camp is the greatest experience of my life. I’ve learned so many things here. Some of the great things about camp are the brotherhood and the love. Everyone has great sportsmanship and is very supportive while competing. Another great thing is the activities selection.  Camp has so many cool activities, for example, sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, riflery, archery and many other things. Kids have so much fun in every one of them.  We are also very grateful for the beautiful land of Pyramid Point. We love hiking up to Pyramid Point and looking at the beautiful scene. Every morning we start out the day taking a dip in Lake Michigan. Then we get to sit in our cabins and go over the lesson. It’s one of the best parts of the day. These are all the reasons I love camp and how it is a great experience.

Graham Littell, age 10
Cabin: Tortuga
Counselor: Andy Rathburg

The Green Hat
The Green Hat is an honorable hat to get at Camp Leelanau. It stands for leadership in your cabin and throughout Camp Leelanau.  I have gotten the green hat five times and when they announce your name at council fire you feel like it’s Christmas morning. The feeling is a combination of being proud of yourself and being happy for yourself. But you can’t be too full of yourself when you get it. You’ll be proud and happy for yourself, but that’s it. When other people get the Green Hat, I’m always happy for them and I’m never jealous that they got it. You might think the Green Hat’s just a hat, but it’s not, it’s special. It’s very special.

Tommy Sebring, age 15
Cabin: Shoshonis
Counselor: Fred Morrison

Camp is incredible! Things here are unlimited, possibilities are endless, as our state of thought is at a very high point. Everyone here is so supportive, as was shown in a trip I went on this past week.
The trip I went on was called the “meatball” trip.  I don’t know why it is called that. This trip is made up of all the seniors who don’t go on the senior flag trip. This year there were six of us and three counselors. It was a blast!  We headed out into the wilderness on Tuesday. We hiked for what seemed like forever, playing games along the way, and of course eating some wild raspberries. There were some pretty amazing views; it was too bad I had left my camera back at camp. That night we had a great meal of couscous chicken. The next day we canoed the Sturgeon River which, by the way, was freezing. This was my first time ever canoeing and it was a sweet experience. I was in the back of the group since I was just learning. The canoe ahead of me and my partner was having some troubles and tipped their canoe and needed some help in their sticky situation. My canoe, along with a counselor, saved them from being in the freezing water too long and we all came out OK. Then we headed over to Wolverine camps and had lots of fun. We did a low ropes course and did a rock climbing wall. We all supported each other in all of the things we did. Later that evening I helped to make stir fry for dinner, which turned out really well. Then we went to the Petosky church where I saw some old friends. We headed back to camp the next morning. I made new bonds and friendships on this trip that I wouldn’t have expected otherwise. This was just one of the amazing experiences that I have had here at camp.